RMB is rising around the world, Desires large-scale borrowers in South America.

We offer two RMB cross-border lending programs to the borrowers including commercial negative interest loans (-2%/year) and personal unsecured loans (1.2%/year) with ultra-low interest. The borrower’s asset size and credit history are not critical factors, and you will borrow easily large RMB funds as long as the lender confirms that you have an ability to make repayment in US dollars. In South America, you can exchange RMB for other currencies and use freely after the loan funds arrive and cool down within 7 workdays.

The process is very simple, and borrowers do not need to pay upfront fees or commissions. The loan amount is between RMB 700 million and RMB 5 billion. If you urgently need huge funds to solve your problems, our cross-border loan programs are definitely worth your attention.

Please contact Mr. Jerry Xian at jerry756052@hotmail.com